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My Priorities

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Sustainable Growth

Supporting sustainable, affordable growth in the city is crucial for ensuring a high quality of life for residents. This can be achieved by promoting smart growth policies that encourage the development of walkable neighborhoods, public transportation, and mixed-use developments. Additionally, rewarding the use of renewable energy sources and implementing green building practices can help reduce the environmental impact of new development. By prioritizing sustainable growth, we can create a vibrant and livable city for generations to come.


I Hear You

As a member of the city council, I am committed to keeping Draper a safe and growing community for all residents. I believe that community engagement and collaboration are key to achieving this goal, and I am dedicated to being a servant of the people. I encourage all residents to reach out to me at any time with their concerns, ideas, and feedback. Together, we can work to maintain our precious, family-centered city.

Please call me



Prioritize Safety

It is important to note that while promoting growth, we must also prioritize safety. Allowing developers to build in unsafe areas creates distrust throughout the city. It is crucial to conduct thorough safety assessments and ensure that new developments meet all necessary safety standards before approving them. Additionally, involving community members in the planning and decision-making process can help ensure that their concerns and safety are taken into account. By prioritizing safety in all new development. We can create a city that is both vibrant and secure.

Meet Danita

Welcome! I am running for Draper City Council. I am committed to keeping the city safe and clean. I have a passion for mentoring and community involvement, which I developed from my upbringing in a loving and caring Christian family in Detroit, Michigan.

I relocated to Utah in 2014 and have loved living in this beautiful city of Draper. I have built successful transportation businesses in both Detroit and Draper. I have a strong commitment to the community and an entrepreneurial spirit. Along with my thriving transportation business, I also serve as an Ambassador to the South Valley Chamber of Commerce. I have greatly enjoyed my time there and hope to make a bigger impact on the City Council.

As a member of the City Council I am elected to represent you and your interests. I believe together we can build a city that our children will be able to thrive with their families.

I want to hear from you! Call me.


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